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Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small data file your browser uses to save information it sends. Personal information is never saved in cookies. Using cookies is safe.

There are two types of cookies: functional cookies and non-functional cookies. Functional cookies ensure that the website works properly, while non-functional cookies analyse user behaviour.

Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to track web statistics and to make the website easier to use. This helps us tailor our marketing decisions to our website visitors’ needs. We will never use the data collected by cookies to focus on specific people.

Cookies used on this website

On our website, we differentiate between two types of cookies: functional cookies and non-functional cookies.

Essential cookies

Essential cookies enable you to navigate the site and to use its services and features. Without these absolutely necessary cookies, the site will not perform as smoothly for you as we would like it to and we may not be able to provide the site or certain services or features.

Preference cookies

Preference cookies collect information about your choices and preferences, and allow us to remember language or other local settings and customize the site accordingly.

Analytics cookies

Analytics cookies collect information about your use of the site, and enable us to improve the way it works. For example, analytics cookies show us which are the most frequently visited blogs on the site, help us record any difficulties you have with the site, and show us whether our advertising is effective or not. This allows us to see the overall patterns of usage on the site, rather than the usage of a single person. We use the information to analyze the site traffic, but we do not examine this information for individually identifying information. We try to anonymize this data as much as possible while ensuring it remains suitable for our purposes. Inspiratieoverklanttevredenheid does not maintain this data; however, the tools we use do. Their privacy policies feature information about what they do with your data.

Social media cookies

Social media cookies collect information about social media usage. Various social media buttons are used on the website. These only link to the service in question. They do not install cookies.

Permission for using cookies

You are not obliged to allow us to use cookies; however, doing so can improve the website’s functionality and ease of use. If you have granted permission to use cookies, you can always change your preferred settings at the bottom of the page or change your browser’s cookie settings.

Privacy and security policy

We communicate with many third parties. Customers, colleagues, sponsors and those who are interested in our services. We store the data we need to maintain these relationships. Some of that data consist of personal details. We value transparency and honesty. That’s why we want to explain to you which details we store and how we use that data. If you still have questions after reading this document, please don’t hesitate to ask our support department.

Data protection

We take care to protect the information entrusted to us. Our current technologies and procedures are focused on protecting information from unwanted access and of course they are in line with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). When any party other than Inspiratieoverklanttevredenheid is involved in processing information, we require them to comply with the same agreements and regulations. Our policies are regularly examined by impartial, external experts.

How do we use your information?

We process and use your information to maintain existing relationships and expand our customer base. Different data are used for different purposes. This includes information provided by you, as well as data we collect to improve our services to you. In this statement, we explain how we use information for each purpose.

Website and newsletters

We use cookies, Google Analytics and other tools to gather information on how our resources are used. This helps us improve our content and adjust the presentation of our resources to your interests.

Contact details and purchases

We want to stick to the agreements we have with you. That’s why it’s important for us to know how we can reach our contact person at your organization. We don’t want to ask you for the same information multiple times, so we take notes of the conversations we have with you. We also document your preferences regarding what information you want to receive from us.

We also document which service you’ve purchased from us and in what context you use them. This way, we can get an idea of our customers’ goals. We also keep track of which other services you have shown interest in. We use this information to keep our services in tune with the market and provide you with relevant information about our services.


Customer satisfaction

We’re very interested to hear what you think of our services. That’s why we use various methods to gather feedback. These include customer surveys, interviews, evaluations and direct feedback on calls. We use the information we gather to find out how we can improve our services.


What we don’t do

We don’t break your trust. We will not pass your details on to other parties and will only use your details according to our agreements with you.

Accessing, correcting and deleting your information


You can send us an email at with a request to adjust or delete your data.

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